Modern Warfare 3 Some

by The Energy Commission

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Hysterically risque! Modern Warfare 3 Some picks up where the original You Tube hit by the Energy Commission left off. Jay's lady couldn't seem to pull him away from the Modern Warfare 2 despite her polka dotted undies and red bowed thigh highs. With the release of "Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3" she knew she'd have her work cut out for her.

By the title of the song you can guess her next move. She called up a friend. Another hot vixen thrown into the mix and Jay somehow maintains focus on his kill to death ratio and winds up ignoring them both.

The insanity doesn't end there. Two more friends are called in to pull Jay away from his game. A girl on each limb. The cord from his busted Xbox controller wrapped around his throat Jay is detained and thrust back into the real world.

Rest assured he manages to break free as even an "Army of Janes" couldn't restrain him.

For all the action and hilarity make sure and check out the official music video and share it with your friends!

Check it out on the band's website now.


Of course everything’s fair in love and war
I adore my girl but my Xbox more
Cuz foreplay’s a chore quickdraw and score
She got stoppin power that’s hard to ignore
So hot
Thermal vision was a bad decision
Blind eye can’t strike from the air with precision
It’s like she’s so pissed that she misses my achievements
Then she gives me that deadly silence treatment

Modern Warfare 3
Some girls can’t see
What Mulitplayer action means to me
Modern Warfare 3 some...

Like Modern Warfare 3 she upped the ante
Got 2 hot chicks in their bra and panties
I caint see straight wait its a mirage
A minage trios in camouflage
And they both look good but this game looks BEAST
Graphics so sick I gotta grab my piece
See this is my rifle
This is my gun
This is for fightin
Baby this is for fun

Modern Warfare 3
Some girls can’t see
What Mulitplayer action means to me
Modern Warfare 3 some
Can't she see
The deep satisfaction of Multiplayer action

One for the money (shot)
Two for the show
Modern Warfare 3’s company fasho
One for the snipers
Two for Akimbo
Hammer cocked
Suck my glock
Lock and load

Trippin like John Ritter
And these trolls so bitter
Cause she brought a friend wit her
And they’re like “go get her”
All sweaty
Baby’s a bouncing Betty
From her hips fire full clips
Aim so steady
Get a grip and handle it
Her game is scandalous
I vote ta skip
Her kill cameras glamorous
All night long I'ma run this perk
And flirt with Overkill
Till I tactically insert

Chorus Repeats

Every mans dream
Two tag team
Skill's supreme
Condition extreme
Slight of Hand
The nerds Last Stand
or be a real man
Baby join our clan

Yo I'ma rock this controller till my thumbs fall off
Level up XP gotta call off work
Modern Warfare's religion
Flat screen is church
And I'ma snag dog tags
Till that Kill's Confirmed
A Call-o-Dutyholic man I gotta disease
Like a junkie with an itch till that trigger's squeezed
We can pretend you and your friend are my enemy
Deep Impact I penetrate proficiently
All the jokers on the Battlefield I leave ashamed
They ain't even in my league baby
Jay Got Game
Multiplayer's where it's at so I'm glad she came
With an army of Jane's G I couldn't be restrained



released February 17, 2012
Written and produced by Jay Weinberg

Live drums - Shae MacPherson
Live Bass - Josva Ibrahim



all rights reserved


The Energy Commission Valparaiso, Indiana

New Renaissance Pop - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hip Hop band with a backyard wrestling Cirque Du Soleil show. Like a sober Amy Winehouse with Flaming Lips do-it-yourselfmanship. I mean how many bands have a member that paints live on stage?

Arrests, viral music videos, Beer Buses, live painting, dancers, and of course we are the "Fittest Band in the Land".

We "Bleed Pink"!
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