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This is the first single from our upcoming Winfield Vega mixtape. The Energy Commission is umbrella for all of our "Inspired Diversity" and creative efforts while Winfield Vega is our strictly Hip Hop division of our musical pursuits.

The art is based off an original piece by Energy Commission / Winfield Vega frontman Jay Weinberg (Epoch)

The beat for this tune is from Talib Kweli's Violations.


To get the gold we chain snatch like Debo
Want it head to toe like C 3 P O
and Maybe I’m crazy like Ceelo
We over here grindin hustling like Pete Rose
Missing the point like Shaq shootin free throws
Needs grow as their greed shows
White collar criminal evil treat people
Like meat for
The beast. And its flashing its teeth
While rappers have nerve to talk beef
Talk is cheap,
Just like food for thought’s dollar menu
We eatin' just enough to continue
Tryin' to make ends meet like rich folks ends do

Some pimp like Larry Flynt
American Hustle
Like Talib I know this beautiful struggle
Like Solo some know ta smuggle
Roughnecks with bloody knuckles
And myself I scuffle
Tyler Durden the tussle
Fuck your couch and your khakis
Black jack the shuffle
Ace up my sleeve just had to chuckle
Cuz you knuckleheads feathers so easy to ruffle
And flash like the muzzle unless it’s muffled
Like doods gotta Batarang hangin' from his buckle
Who's Death Proof stuntin' like Kurt Russel
Take heads like Ned Stark they look so puzzled

Its a cold world world we all less than zero
Full of snowmen / white horse ridin heroes
Been bout soul aint nothin neo
Lookin for a prophet what we got was Ms Cleo

And we all believe - One religion
Pledge Allegiance with no division
And we all believe - One religion
Conditioned by stars and television
And we all believe - One religion
Fortune tellers tell us somethin’s missin’
And we all believe - One religion
Pledge Allegiance with no division

E pluribus unum
Long as business is booming
As long as they keep on consuming
Like an addict keep using
Let winners keep winning and losers keep losing
Wealth gap keeps showing and proving
99% of the humans got next to nil
In god we trust on their dollar bill
That's faith for real son
Got that holy feeling
Occupy wall street must've been pilgrims
We didn't land on Plymouth Rock
Just dropped in a cotton field no stocks
They too big to fail we too small not to
Getting sucked dry by these Nosferatu

Let the chips fall
And the markets collapse
Cuz the economic equilibrium reacts
Like a rubber band stretched too far back
Like Silva’s tibia it’s a nasty snap
Like a fighter on the mat too choked out to tap
You know we slowly learning the fact
That we all can’t rap
We all can’t act
We all can’t ball sun do the math
False profits spit the richest verses
Find value in nonsense they purchase
I know what it means to cover on the surface
Cuz underneath it all they still feelin’ worthless


released July 4, 2014
Talib Kweli - Violations (Beat)
iLL Tone



all rights reserved


The Energy Commission Valparaiso, Indiana

New Renaissance Pop - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hip Hop band with a backyard wrestling Cirque Du Soleil show. Like a sober Amy Winehouse with Flaming Lips do-it-yourselfmanship. I mean how many bands have a member that paints live on stage?

Arrests, viral music videos, Beer Buses, live painting, dancers, and of course we are the "Fittest Band in the Land".

We "Bleed Pink"!
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